IDMA and Ramadan vitality

29 May 20192 min reading

mustafa_yagmurluMustafa YAĞMURLU Editor

Dear readers,

We are together with the 32nd issue of BBM Magazine.

IDMA, which was held in March during the stagnation of the Turkish economy, and the preparations for the month of Ramadan enlivened the sector. International Flour, Feed, Semolina, Rice, Corn, Bulgur, Milling Machinery and Pulses, Pasta, Biscuit Technologies Exhibition, IDMA, which was organized for the eighth time this year, mediated the establishment of large business connections. Because nearly 200 domestic and foreign companies that participated in the exhibition, including companies from our sector, filled up their production capacity, some orders were scheduled to 2020. Especially, purchasing committees coming from many countries signed agreements for turnkey projects.

In addition to the impact of IDMA, the Ramadan month, which the Islamic world had been eagerly awaiting, was efficient in the revival of the bakery machinery sector. Ramadan, the most fertile and popular month of the year for many sectors has stimulated the markets. Especially the bakers had an intense period of preparation for Ramadan. Amendments are carried out, machinery is renewed...

As for the content of the magazine, let me tell you that we are together with you again with diversified topics in this issue. Our cover story is about additives of which use is increasing every passing day. In the cover story which is about the role of additives in the bakery, biscuit and pasta industry, you will find out the route and future of the sector.

You will have the opportunity to read very important information about the warehouse damages cause a product loss of 30 per cent in the interview we made with Serdar Aziret, Marketing Manager of Bayer which is a global company specialized in life sciences about health and nutrition.

Hope to meet with you in our next issue…

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