Interest in frozen bakery products is increasing

23 July 20202 min reading
Editor / Mustafa YAĞMURLU

Dear readers, We are together with our 39th issue.

The Covid-19 epidemic, which has impacted the whole world since the beginning of the year, has reshaped all sectors. We are gradually getting accustomed to living with the Covid-19 pandemic, which deeply shook the world economies and trapped us at home. Many changes we name "The New Normal" have come into our lives.

Making bread at home was almost rediscovered with the Covid-19 Pandemic. Making bread at home was so exaggerated that bread sales in bakeries in Istanbul decreased by around 35 percent. But this rush didn't long last. When people turned back to their offices, they started to look for different solutions.

In this process, we became more sensitive about health and hygiene. We started to pay attention to the hygiene of the bread that we consume. In this process, frozen foods have become more involved in our lives with the effect of Covid-19 pandemics. Frozen products started to appear more on the market shelves. Now we can see frozen bakery products in all supermarkets and grocery stores. Because as long as we bake the frozen bakery in our own kitchen, we get the assurance at least as much as the products we make on our own.

In this subject, I recommend you to read the article "Why should we consume frozen bakery products?" penned by Merve Burcu Akbulut who is serving the sector both practically and academically and who is also in the Publication Consultancy Board of our magazine.

In the same process, we see that there is a great interest in packaged bakery products produced by Industrial Ovens. Nevin Toprak, Regional Manager for Middle East, Africa, and Asia of Sarmaşık Makina, providing service to the bakery sector in Turkey since 1974, explained the position they had as a company and the expectations of the sector for the future in the Covid-19 process.

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