It is time for leavened pastry and cake with Pakmaya

29 May 20191 min reading

Pakmaya_Mayali_HarclarCake Dough that includes yeast and which was developed by Pakmaya helps cook cake with natural yeast without adding baking powder and sugared vanilla. Pakmaya Leavened Cake Dough introduced in two types - plain and cacao - is added to flour directly and fermented in ten minutes. Cakes baked with Pakmaya Leavened Cake Doughs protect its freshness thanks to its moist and soft structure. Another innovative product of the Leavened Doughs is Leavened Pastry Dough. It brings sweetness and practicality to classic homemade pastry. Pakmaya Leavened Pastry Dough is directly added to flour. Pastries with Pakmaya Leavened Pastry Dough rise in pouf while it can be diversified with different filling ingredients and inspired people to try new tariffs.

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