Karataş becomes stronger with R&D center

01 February 20182 min reading

Karataş Heat Engineering Company became another firm to establish and R&D Center following other successful companies at home and abroad.


Karataş Heat Engineering Company is granted an R&D Center Certification by the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology. Efe Türker, CEO and General Manager of Karataş Heat Engineering Company, said the firm pays great importance to R&D studies since its foundation and allocates 15 percent of its annual income to research and development efforts. Türker said 20 electricity and mechanical engineering are hired in the R&D center. He said they are the first company to produce industrial-scale machinery for bakery products and food sector getting the certification for this. Türker said that they are following the technology closely to see, “How can we produce better for the sector all the time? How can we put the systems that don’t exist in Turkey at the disposal of our producers?” and made attempts for being an R&D Center in order to introduce new products to the sector. After the company completed all required procedures, the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology registered the company as an R&D Center, said Efe Türker. Saying that research and development efforts are important to bridge the technological gap with advanced countries and increase the quality of products, Türker added, “It was a great success for Karataş that our managers Karataş Heat Engineering R&D Director Serkan Özkalkanlı and R&D Manager Nazlı Turan received that certification from the ministry officials. This R&D Center will increase our power.”

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