Kervan Gıda joins world’s top 100 confectionery companies

05 April 20222 min reading

Exporting to 85 countries and having the highest soft candy production capacity in Turkey, Kervan Gıda entered the “2022 Global Top 100 Candy Companies” list, one of the most important lists followed in the world’s confectionery sector, at the 82nd rank. Kervan Gıda General Manager Burhan Başar said that being included in the most prestigious ranking of its fields of activity is not only a success of the company but also of Turkey, and that their next goal is to be in the top five in its category. 

Kervan Gıda General Manager Burhan Başar stated that the company has a passion for growth and development since its establishment, and that the public offering process, which took place at the end of 2020, turned success into responsibility. Emphasizing that their most important goal of the public offering was to increase global market investments and that they have achieved this goal, Başar said, “We had planned to direct 55 percent of the public offering revenues to global market investments, and this plan has been successfully implemented. In 2021, we acquired the majority stake in ZPC Otmuchów and its subsidiary PWC Odra, one of the leading soft candy manufacturers in Poland. This move enabled us to increase our production capacity from 72,000 tons to 100,000 tons. We will continue moves like this that carry us up in the world rankings.”

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