Modern Bakery Moscow counts days to welcome 2020 visitors

20 February 20203 min reading

Modern Bakery Moscow 2020, which will open its doors on 17-20 March 2020, is counting the days.

Modern Bakery Moscow is the only exhibition in Russian & CIS, that covers the whole cycle of production and sale of confectionery and bakery products. Leaders of market will show their novelties, professional will share theoretical and practical skills, business representatives will discuss market trends.

Russian and international companies will take part: Abat, Debag, Dito, Koenig, Leipurin Tukku, Lesaffre MIWE, Rademaker, Revent, Rondo, Sveba Dahlen, Tecnopool, UNIFERM, UNOX, Wachtel, Voskhod, KB-NS, SEMZ, UNIFOOD (Fonterra) and others.

For visitors from industrial manufactures organizers recommend to explore exposition of equipment of Russian manufactories and suppliers: visitors can find good quality at an affordable price and what is important to have face-to-face discussion with the top managers.


At 17th of March International Business Forum «CONFEX. Confectionery expertise» will be held for the first time at Modern Bakery Moscow. Prospects for the development of the confectionery market in Russia, global trends in the confectionery industry, government regulation and support for the export of confectionery products will be discussed at «CONFEX. Confectionery expertise». Speakers are representatives from «Ritter Sport Schokolad», Ferrero Russia, «Pobeda Confectionary Llc», ASKOND and other big industrial factories.

Every year world famous bakers (such as Josep Pascual, Marc Heiko Muller-Adams, Ivan Zabavnikov and others in 2019) share their experience at master-classes. Traditionally saturated program of baking master classes will be supplemented with practical events of confectioners and chocolatiers at 2020. Specialists from Italy, Spain, Belgium and Russia are invited this year.

This year special innovative section ConditerLab will be organised within special zone Modern Bakery LAB. This zone will help visitors to find new inspiring ideas.

Attention will be payed not only to confectionery production but also to marketing and promotion: conference «Effective marketing and sales on the confectionery and bakery products market» will take place on 19th of March. Topics to discuss: assortment policy, marketing strategy for export, business cases of effective work with distributors and retailers, marketing trends, branding and packaging, online reputation management, neuromarketing etc.


Answering the visitors’ demands in partnership with Food Ingredients Producers Union advanced training course for bakers and confectioners during the trade fair is traditionally organized. School for modern Baker & Confectioner PROingredients will be working since 18th to 19th of March. Topic of the course is use of ingredients in bakery and confectionery products.

One of the most anticipated events of the trade fair are master classes. Stars of the industry share their technologies and bring new fresh trend from other countries, professionals teach how to work with new ingredients. Also during the trade fair consulting center «Ask expert» will be working: any visitor can get there free advice from the expert – laywer, logistics specialist etc.


Tour to bakery&confectionery plant (production capacity up to 50 tons) will be organized for visitors. This kind of experience exchange helps our visitors to see modern automated production, implementation of difficulties, examples of adaptation of technical equipment to the needs of the enterprise, assortment policy and much more.

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