New trends in the global bread industry

03 March 20225 min reading

COVID-19 has brought about many preference changes in food consumption. Consumers have become more concerned about their health and what they are eating.COVID-19 has brought about many preference changes in food consumption. Consumers have become more concerned about their health and what they are eating.Bread has been the staple food of people all over the world for centuries. Bakery products are included in the daily diet of people not only in developed economies but also in developing economies and underdeveloped corners of the world. It has contributed to the growth of this market even during pandemic-induced lockdowns. This market is expected to proceed on its way at a great pace.

COVID-19 has had a crucial impact on the bakery products market over the past two years. Many bakers fell on hard times during the peak of the pandemic due to inadequate sales of baked goods and labor shortages. Small bakers in the sector were the ones most affected by the restrictions. Packaged products with a long shelf life, on the other hand, attracted great demand.

The bakery industry has experienced it all over the past year ranging from supply scarcity to the complexity of the workforce. Amid COVID-19 challenges, labor shortages, and supply chain issues, the bakery industry has been at the forefront of a whirlwind of change. Since the third quarter of 2021, sectors showed rapid recovery.

2020 and 2021 passed with the pandemic and changed our lives. We have entered a period in which healthy food and beverages are in the first place for many consumers. Bakers also made many innovations to survive this period. I believe there will be growth opportunities, especially for industrial ovens. 

The majority of consumers want to reduce the amount of sugar they consume in their diets to avoid a fall in their body resistance. Therefore, we think there will be a demand increase for reduced-sugar products. Reducing the amount of sugar in baking fillings could potentially help industrial bakeries take advantage of the growing wellness trend.

Health organizations say that global consumers are increasingly interested in immune-boosting food and beverage products. They are doing their part in the ovens from this. We are witnessing an increase in the use of ginger, turmeric, and citrus in bakery products marketed in various countries of the world. These ingredients are known for their healthiness in parallel with the growing health concerns of consumers. 


Due to the global pandemic, consumers have reduced the frequency of supermarket visits. Bread and other baked products are items that people like to stock in their homes in case the supply decreases. In this process, products with a longer shelf life are increasingly preferred. The easiest way to extend the shelf life of bread and bakery products points to frozen homemade products. It is observed on a global scale that there has been a great demand for these products in the last two years. 


Consumers are increasingly demanding plant-based and flexible diets. Although this means avoiding eggs, butter, or cream when it comes to the bakery industry, many consumers demand plant-based products that don't compromise on tastiness. Companies that focus on innovation to create the tastiest plant-based products for industrial bakeries will keep one step ahead. 

Another trend supporting the massive health awareness movement in the bakery industry will be healthier bread and cake options with high fiber, high protein, and high fruit content. Manufacturers are starting to look for suppliers who can provide more nutrient-dense ingredients. This will serve as an opportunity for industrial bakeries to continue growing their business.

Rising trends in natural nutrition, wellness, and organic products have significantly increased the demand for whole wheat, low-calorie, natural, and additive-free bakery products. The increase in sales of whole wheat, bran bread, and gluten-free bakery products in recent years is an important indicator of this wellness trend in the market. The increased availability of such specialty bakery products will further bolster the market growth.

Europe holds the largest revenue share in the global bakery products market. On the one hand, the developed markets of Western Europe are ripe and saturated when it comes to bakery products. On the other hand, the emerging markets of Eastern Europe are driving biscuits and bread sales especially due to the high demand for affordable food products.

The European bakery products market is well structured in terms of the supply chain, product range, distribution channels, and consumer preferences. Innovations and new product developments are increasingly observed in categories such as cakes, pastries, and cookies. The prevalence of traditional breakfast products, gluten-free, whole-grain, ancient-grain and additive-free products in Europe is increasing. Such products have higher sales potential due to the increasing demand for ready-made and nutritious baked goods.

Bread is one of the most significant and indisputably one of the most delicious foods ever invented. It's simple as it can be made with just three essential ingredients, yet still somehow so complex that it is deemed almost magical. Respect your bread and don't let it be wasted.

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