Selva Gıda invests 7.5 million Euros to boost pasta production

10 October 20231 min reading

Selva Gıda Sanayi is set to ramp up its pasta production by 50% through an investment of 7.5 million Euros. Of this sum, 3 million Euros is dedicated to enhancing the pasta production line. As revealed in an announcement to the Public Disclosure Platform (KAP), Selva Gıda has entered into a contract with Fava s.p.a. for a pasta production line at a value of 2.999 million Euros.

This collaboration will see the installation of a short-cut pasta production line capable of handling 4,000 kg/h (31,000 tons annually). The statement highlighted that this line is scheduled to be operational by September 2024. Upon its activation, it is expected to augment Selva’s existing pasta production capacity from 62,000 tons annually to a projected 93,000 tons.

The announcement further detailed, “With the integration of the Pasta Production Line, accompanying Pasta Packaging and Boxing Machines, and auxiliary equipment, combined with the Semolina Mill capacity increment announced on 17th August 2023, the collective investment is estimated to reach 7.5 million Euros.”

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