The Culinary Arts Academy teaches pastry to young chefs

03 April 20192 min reading

Istanbul-based the Culinary Arts Academy (MSA) will hold workshop for young chefs aged between 14 and 17 to teach them culinary and tips in pastry. Youngsters will have 60 hours training in total as a part of “Young Chefs” program organized by MSA. 

msaThe Culinary Arts Academy, the professional culinary school, will open its doors to young chefs in this coming summer. “Young Chefs Culinary and Pastry” organized on July and August at MSA aims to introduce this profession to younger generations aged between 14 and 17 and provide food information. Participants will learn every detail on culinary and pastry and will gain the ability to cook their foods even if they are alone. Participants of “Young Chefs Culinary and Pastry” will have “Young Chefs” certificate after one-month-long program. Participants can use this information to turn this ability into profession or if they do not want to prefer to become cooker, they will learn the basic kitchen information from the best. This program will be open to high school students that want to spend their summer times by learning fine details of a profession. Youngsters that choose “pastry” section of the program will learn technical usage of basic tools in pastry and learn how to prepare cookies, cake, and pie as well as bread from choux dough and other dough types.

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