Turkish Grain Board will buy bread wheat for 1650 liras

08 June 20202 min reading

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan told the good news about buying prices for wheat and barley after a cabinet meeting. President Tayyip Erdogan declared minimum buying prices of the Turkish Grain Board for wheat, barley, and pulses. He also declared some incentives for farmers.
President Erdogan’s speech after the cabinet meeting included some good news for farmers, days before the harvesting season. Erdogan declared that the buying price of hard bread wheat increased from 1300 Turkish liras/ton to 1650 Turkish liras/ton. That is to say, the price of the bread wheat increased by 22 percent. And the minimum buying price for barley increased from 1100 Turkish liras/ton to 1275 Turkish liras/ton. Incentive and support payment of 230 Turkish liras will be also given for each ton of grains produced. An extra payment of 3% will be done for high-quality wheat and the price will reach up to 1700 Turkish liras/ton.”

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan also declared minimum buying prices for pulses. According to the statement, the base price for red lentil will be 3500 Turkish liras/ton, for chickpea 3350 Turkish liras/ton, and green lentil 3200 Turkish liras. Incentive and support payment of 800 Turkish liras will be also given for each ton of pulses produced. The General Directorate of the Turkish Grain Board (TMO) declared that it will buy grains at 260 offices and 125 licensed warehouses throughout Turkey.

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