We entered the New Year with novelties…

28 January 20222 min reading
Mustafa Yağmurlu

Dear readers,

We are presenting you with the 48th issue of our magazine.

We have left another challenging year behind under the shadow of the pandemic. We have had anxious days about our health and economic difficulties because of the Covid-19 pandemic, which has shaken our lives deeply for the last two years. Humanity is going through hard times and I wish we will get through it together. Dear readers, we brought novelty to the publication periods of BBM Magazine, which represents the bakery, biscuit, and pasta industry in the international arena and is followed by you closely. 

We will publish our magazine, which used to be published bimonthly, every month starting with the New Year. Thus, we will meet with you more frequently and continue to make your voice heard. We will research more issues that concern the sector and bring you articles and interviews written by experts in the field. We will strive to be your voice with more content. 

As BBM Magazine, a reliable information source and communication channel of the world bakery, pasta and biscuit industry and the bakery machinery industry, with 11 years of experience, we will never overlook digital publishing, which we adapted quickly especially with the pandemic and is quite popular among many of our readers. We will prepare twelve issues this year and present six of them online only. We will publish the other six issues both in print and online as they used to be.

In addition, we have made infrastructure investments so that our website, which is in Turkish and English, can easily reach more people. In this way, our content will be on the front pages of search engines, and it will easier reach the target audience.

Our newsletters, which we previously published every 15 days, now meet with industry stakeholders every week. And the entire content of our magazine is sent to the reader in two languages as a monthly newsletter. We invite all circles of the world, especially those producing bakery products, pasta, and biscuits, to follow and support us.

See you in the next issue.

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