Wheat prices are pushing producers

06 October 20212 min reading Namık Kemal PARLAK

Mustafa Yağmurlu Editor

Dear Readers,

We are together again with the 46th issue of BBM.

Climate change and the Covid-19 pandemic are giving rise to turbulent trends in food prices. Governments' hard efforts to keep their stocks full and importing countries' moves to increase customs duties increase food prices constantly.

Many companies including bakers and producers of pasta, biscuit, and bakery products, are annoyed with these increases. The increase in flour prices driven by increasing raw material prices is also reflected in the prices of bread and other bakery products. Global climate-related events, particularly in the last two or three months, worry all companies operating in the bakery products sector regardless of their size.

Paolo Barilla, Vice President of Italian pasta producer Barilla, one of those who are concerned, explains that the industry may go through very challenging times. Stating that they had not foreseen such a situation until three months ago, he warns that high raw material, energy, packaging, and logistics costs will annoy the sector.

On the other hand, in this issue, we have covered the packaging matter, which has become even more important with the pandemic. You will find invaluable articles from the industry's leading experts on this topic.

I hope you will read with interest the article which is on foreign partnerships penned by Murat Ülker, who is a member of the board at Yıldız Holding and Chairman of pladis, Healthy Food Designer Can Kayacılar's article entitled Innovative models in the production of fortified bread and Packaging Designer Ceyhun Akgün's article which is entitled 'Did you say packaging design?'

Hope to meet you in our next issue…

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