Doruk Un closes year with 140% growth

18 January 20234 min reading

Doruk Un, one of the three biggest brands of wheat and wheat-based products in Türkiye, which continues its efforts for a big investment move, increased its turnover of 1.8 billion TL in 2021 by 140 percent in 2022 and closed the year with a turnover of 4.3 billion TRY in net sales. 

Doruk Un, one of the largest wheat flour producers and exporters in Türkiye, is proceeding to attack in 2023 within the framework of new investments it targets in the fields of agriculture and seed growing, noodle and pasta, feed and feed raw materials in a 5-year projection. Gürsel Erbap, Chairman and CEO of Doruk Un, said that they accelerated the investment in SPP due to the energy costs and sustainability advantage that are on the agenda in the global arena, at a press meeting. Doruk Un will produce its own energy in the Thrace Region with an investment of 275 million TRY and an installed power of 15 mW. 

Doruk Un, one of the top three brands of Türkiye in wheat and wheat-based products, has a strong place in the Turkish economy with an annual wheat crushing capacity of 438 thousand tons, flour production of 350 thousand tons, wheat capacity of 60 thousand tons, a 20 thousand m2 advanced technology facility, and an ever-expanding sales & distribution network. Doruk Un, which is preparing to dominate the retail flour market with its Panpan brand with its retail breakthrough, on top of its exports to 41 countries, develops products specific to needs and purposes in a wide range including domestic use, bakeries, restaurants, hotels, baklava and pastry shops. With the Panpan brand, Doruk Un will expand its sales network, which it had positioned mainly in the Marmara Region in 2022, to the whole of Turkey in 2023. The brand, which achieved a turnover of 1.8 billion TRY in net sales in 2021, closed the year 2022 with a turnover of 4.3 billion TRY in net sales. Aiming to increase its turnover to 7 billion TRY in 2023 with the completion of new investments in different fields, the brand primarily aims to achieve an increase in production and efficiency. With Türkiye’s prominence in exports with the grain corridor in connection with the outbreak of the Russia-Ukraine war, the exchange rate increases, and the growth it achieved in predominantly export markets, Doruk Un increased its turnover by 140% compared to previous years. 

Export network developed 

Exporting to 41 countries in Africa, Asia, South America, and the Middle East, Doruk Un opened up to new countries such as Angola, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, and Bahrain in 2022. Doruk Un, which undertakes 13% of the total flour export from Turkey excluding Iraq and Syria, is the approved supplier of the World Food Program (WFP) and the United Nations Aid Organization (UNRWA) in Turkey. Gürsel Erbap, Chairman and CEO of Doruk Un, stated that they export 60% of their production and that they make tailor-made products. “Our biggest success in exports is meeting the demands of the end users with our R&D team. We select, grind and localize wheat with the technology we create according to the consumption habits and bread types of each country,” he says. The brand, taking into account the rise of fast-food culture in the world, will make tremendous impact in export markets with its pasta and noodle investment.

The company will go for certified seeds with high productivity and traceability

Erbap stated that the producers are engaged in local seed mobilization with incentives, ministry support and purchase guarantees, and that they will also have a say in the production of certified seeds with traceability and high productivity. Stating that they will play a role in the production of especially domestic wheat, barley, corn and oilseeds, Erbap stated that after the seed facility investment is completed, they will start production this year and will start with wheat first.

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