Nativi becomes BASF Turkish Environmental Health distributor

29 May 20191 min reading

Turkish company Nativi, which specializes in post-harvest protection products and equipment, has signed a distributorship agreement with BASF, one of the world’s leading chemical companies.

nativi-basf-turk-cevre-sagligi-distributoru-olduBeing among the prominent organizations in its area in Turkey, Nativi provides products and equipment solutions to protect crops stored after harvest. The firm, which continues its efforts to further strengthen this strong position, signs new agreements. Nativi said that after signing a distributorship agreement with BASF, it added Fendona® ve Mythic®, which are pesticides with long lasting effect, gel cockroach food Goliath®, and Storm® and Sorexa®, which are rodent mouse control products to the company’s Nature Health portfolio. The German giant BASF, one of the world’s leading chemical companies, operates in many countries and sectors with over 120,000 employees. Creating chemistry for a sustainable future, BASF aims to provide smart solutions to pest problems in urban and rural areas with Nativi’s expert team in Turkey. The agreement is believed to provide great convenience for companies in Turkey.

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