Turyağ Meets With Turkish Masters In Samsun

05 December 20171 min reading

Cargill Food Turkey continues “Turkey’s Oil, with Turkey’s  Masters” events it has undertaken for Turyağ in Samsun after Istanbul and Bursa.


Approximately 150 patisseries and pie makers from Samsun and the neighboring cities have attended the meeting of “Turkey’s Oil, with Turkey’s Masters” in the Black Sea Region. Cargill Food Turkey Pastry Oils Sales Manager Halit Görgülü has stated that many patisseries and pastry shops across Turkey are Turyağ’s customers. “As Turyağ sales organization, we work with our sales points in different parts of Turkey. While doing our direct sales through these points, we are reaching to the places like pastry shops and baklava shops that use our products through our sales team on the field. Until today, we have carried out activities intending the masters using our oils in İstanbul and Bursa. We will meet with our masters in Ankara, Izmir, Antalya and Adana in the forthcoming days after our event in Samsun. As Turyağ, we will continue to support our masters in Turkey in the forthcoming period as well,” he added.

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