Youth Employment Increasing In Bakery

05 December 20172 min reading

The project titled “Increasing the Employment of Young People in the Bakery Sector”, which aims to increase the employment of young people in the bread sector, has attracted great interest.


The opening of the project titled “Increasing the Employment of Young People in the Bakery Sector”, which has been prepared through the cooperation of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Food and Feed Control Central Research Institute and Bursa Bread Industry Inc. (BESAŞ) and is aimed at increasing the employment of young people in the bread sector, has been held in Bursa. BESAŞ General Manager Mustafa Bektaş, who spoke at the opening of the project that is planned for 18 months with a budget of approximately 150 thousand euros, said that they wanted to provide more qualified employees in the bakery sector with the project organized together with the stakeholders in the sector. The national partner of the project approved by the Ministry of the European Union is the Ministry of Food, Agriculture, and Livestock General Directorate of Agricultural Researches and Policy (TAGEM) and the local partner is Bursa Provincial Directorate of Food Agriculture and Livestock. The foreign partners of the project are Estonia’s Center for Food and Fermentation Technologies (TFTAK) and Romania’s National Research and Development Institute of Food Bioresources (IBA).

QUALIFIED EMPLOYEE TO BE TRAINED BESAŞ General Manager Mustafa Bektas has said that the project will be ‘an answer to the problem of young people who do not have professional skills and knowledge in the bakery sector’. Pointing out that they wanted to provide opportunities to increase the employability of young people who had left the school at early ages or got inadequate education through free and innovative educational materials related to the bakery industry, Bektaş underlined: “We want to facilitate the integration of young people into the labor market and prepare them for professional life. Our main goal is to ensure that more qualified workers are employed in the bakery sector.” After the training in Bursa, participants will be trained on bread analysis in Estonia. In Romania, participants will also have the opportunity to see the bread production pilot facility and the production of different varieties of bread.

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