New taste from Livendo to Liquid Sourdough series

25 September 20202 min reading

Lesaffre, which helps bakers cook sourdough breads easily thanks to its sourdough liquid specialties, is expanding product range. Livendo, a Lesaffre brand, has added Durum Liquid Sourdough among its sourdough products, after Whole Wheat Liquid Sourdough and Rye Liquid Sourdough.

Sourdough breads have received great attention recently, thanks to their positive contribution to health and their distinctive pleasant aroma. With this rising trend, Livendo offers another option for bakers who want to offer their customers delicious sourdough breads. Developed by Lesaffre Turkey, Livendo has added Durum Liquid Sourdough, which gives a slight yellowish color to the bread and has a unique taste, among its Liquid Sourdough series after Whole Wheat Liquid Sourdough and Rye Liquid Sourdough. Durum Liquid Sourdough, obtained by fermentation of durum wheat, offers an alternative for bakers who want to produce sour bread with different flavors. Since the products offered for sale by Lesaffre in 5-kg jerricans under the brand “Livendo” are “liquid”, they get mixed easily with the dough and provide easy use for bakers. Livendo Liquid Sourdough Series, which provide the opportunity to produce sourdough bread by eliminating long fermentation times even at mass production points, is presented as ready-to-use. Meanwhile, Lesaffre presents its new series, Inventis Pratika, to bakers. Artizan, the first product of Pratika series, provides ease of use with its open&finish packaging. It is enough to mix Inventis Pratika Artizan Yeast Bread Mix, 1 package of 400 g, to 10 kilograms of flour and add water and salt.

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